This blog is dedicated to everyone who wants to improve or create a mobile solution which will help people in their everyday life. To paraphrase one of the most famous marketing campaigns this is the place for „the crazy ones”, the ones who would like to push the human race forward. I would like to help you with this task.

Why I have created this blog

I think of myself as of a quite successful person. I have got a great family and a very satisfying job where I design awarded mobile apps for hundreds of thousand people. As an individual designer and developer, I have created popular applications and widgets for Android and iOS. These apps were used by over 10 000 000 people and some of them where top-notch solutions in their categories.

I always wanted to help people, to enhance their life and make it more joyful. I think I have done a lot in this matter, but in my opinion, it is not enough. I have asked myself a question:

How could I help much more people to solve their everyday problems and cover their needs by mobile applications?

I was thinking a lot about this and considered various options. However, the final idea was really simple: I would like to help you. You are one of the creators of the apps – designer, developer, project manager or startup founder. I would like to share my knowledge, thoughts, and predictions with you. They may help you designing better more successful solution that will be used by millions of people. This is my mission.

Why you should read this blog

If you ever asked yourself one of this questions:

  • How to think different in UX design discipline?
  • How to design a better mobile solution?
  • What makes some apps more successful than others?
  • What is Design Thinking?
  • What is UX?
  • Where I can find valuable books to learn how to design?
  • What is the best way to design a particular functionality?
  • Which tools should I use to design better?
  • Where to put design process in agile development?
  • How to improve communication between a designer and a developer?
  • Why good design should be key value of my business?
  • What are the current trends in mobile market?

This is the blog for you.

Who I am

Hi, my name is Przemyslaw Baraniak, known also as Thalion in the internet. I am designer and developer working in mobile application industry from it’s very beginning.

One more thing

Every article presents my opinion based on my knowledge and experience. However, by implementing this solutions you make it on your own risk. Every app is different, there is no simple answer for everything. Some tips will work better, some could work less. Some articles also include affiliate links to products. I only recommend books, software or hardware that is good and valuable in my opinion.