How to Become Creative & Productive

Plenty of people thinks that creativity and efficient work are two opposite things. However, successful designers show us that the balance between them may be achieved. How do they to it?

It does not matter if you are Graphic, Visual, UI or UX Designer – if you would like to become Productive Designer this series of the blog post has a purpose to help you achieve that.

Creativity and Productivity are often misunderstood. Let’s begin with definition what really these things really mean.


Every designer should be seen as a creative person, that identifies the right issues and figure out inspiring solutions. Creativity is the act of combining and turning ideas into reality. Thanks to this ability person can perceive the world in new ways. This way of thinking may lead to innovations – but creative does not mean innovative.

The creativity is the result of observation, lateral thinking, exploration and being open for inspiration from multiple opportunities. Creativity is a characteristic of human beings and will be probably the biggest challenge to the AI to learn.


This ability is not the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they think of designers. However, a good designer is always efficient. Productive person does not waste time, they focus and make the excellent work that is delivered before deadlines. However, the productive ones are not the ones who work all the time. They take care about work-life balance because they know that overwork may lead to burnout and lower the quality of their creations.

In one sentence – productivity is the ability to organize, prioritize and execute planned work.

How to find the balance

This two sides of the force may work together. The „Productive Designer” is a person who is able to achieve the balance.

To find the way to unleash creativity and maintain efficiency you should focus on exploring topics:

  • Designer’s tools setup – You are the hammer that knocks the nail. When you are proficient at tools usage, your mind does not notice the tool you are using. You can unleash the full potential of the creativity. In the Productive Designer series, we will show how to set up our software for efficient work. You will learn shortcuts and discover useful plugins.
  • Productivity software for creative minds – to organize all projects and tasks we need good tools. Keeping everything in our minds makes us feel overwhelmed and distracted. Well designed productivity software will let us stay mindful and do more. In the upcoming articles, you will discover the beautifully designed apps and get tips to use them better.
  • Workflow optimization – How to start a day to achieve more? How to maintain focused at work? When is the best time to make the breaks? You will get answers to this questions in upcoming blog posts.
  • Shaping the positive habits – the right routines are powerful allies. Positive habits save the power of a mind to achieve for in more ambitious works. You will learn here which routines will boost your creativity and which ones may ruin it.
  • How the creative professionals’ brain works – this subject is connected with previous one. When you will know how your mind works you will become more conscious of your decisions. This will let you focus on what is important to you.
  • Productivity techniques that may be used in design process – it does not matter if your products are created in agile, lean or even waterfall methodologies. There are techniques that work for us and are independent of mentioned processes.

In the upcoming series of articles, you will explore all of the mentioned topics and discover even more useful stories that will come to our minds in the future. If you would like to improve yourself in these fields – we are on the same team.

The Ultimate Advice

When someone asks me how to become productive and achieve more I answer that they should just start doing things. People tend to procrastinate. They would like to do a lot of things, but they wait for the perfect moment. The secret is that this moment never comes. There is always something happening. This is the ultimate obstacle that prevents someone from being productive and creative at the same time. If you would like to achieve more – just start doing things you want to do and persevere.

We can do it – but only together

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