7 sins of the beginners in mobile market

7 Sins of the Beginners in the Mobile Market

Build unique app, release it in the App Store, get thousands of downloads. This scenario was popular in the first years of the mobile market. There were a little group of mobile application developers. It was quite easy to get noticed by potential users. However, nowadays this scheme is completely outdated. You should learn how to prevent your app from sending it into hell of forgotten solutions.

In 2016 Google Play Store and Apple App Store have over 2 000 000 apps each. Month after month it is harder to succeed with a new solution. Being discovered by potential users is getting harder. It is not enough to just publish an esthetic, usable solution and wait for the growth. There are many articles that tell you what to do to become popular. But it is important for you to learn about big mistakes done by fresh developers in mobile market.


1. Preparing poor first experience

When you browse the App Store you often just scroll the list. Every app has only few seconds to attract you. Beginners in mobile world often do not think much about application launcher icon or screenshots. They upload anything they have in a moment. Big mistake! This assets acts subconsciously on people and have key value in encouraging them to download a solution. Nobody wants to install bad-looking app in our phones. This is why apps with bad quality icons and screenshots are almost unnoticeable.



2. Not making enough market research

You probably have got a great idea. You assume that it has to be unique, so you work hard to implement the app quickly.  Well, nowadays it is almost impossible to create solution that is completely unique. There are always some competitors. If you release almost identical app as the other one it will surely fail. Next time when the new idea will come to your mind, do the market research first. It will help you analyze situation and estimate potential success. Even if a similar solution exists, the one created by you has to become better and achieve great success.



3. Implementing too many features in the app

The bigger the better – common thinking of the beginners. But it is not important to have all the features in your app. The key to success is to solve users problems and cover their needs better than your competitors. People prefer to use simple apps for taking note (for example: default note app in iOS, Simplenote or Google Keep) more often than complex word processors (MS Word or Pages) on their mobiles. Say no to thousand features and focus on the one to be the best in the market.



4. Not thinking about monetization methods

If you would like to succeed with your app, you have to spend a lot of time creating your solution. But bills have to be payed. If your app will not have clear monetization methods will not earn money for you. In the end, will you probably lose one of the major motivation to develop it. In the other hand, making rash decisions in this subject can hurt your users and make UX of the app very annoying. Take a moment to think how to earn money from your app. You have got many options: paid app, in-app purchase, ads, subscriptions and others.



5. Releasing app without marketing

As I mentioned in the first sentence – in the first days of the mobile market it could be enough just to publish the app. Currently you have to think about marketing a lot. Moreover, you have to start marketing campaign before you release the solution. However, do not just spend money for Google Adwords or Facebook ads. Mobile app reviews on popular sites & blogs may have even much bigger impact.



6. Not using analytics

Application developer without analytics is blind. Knowledge connected with data analysis is a key to success. More you know how people use your app, the better it can become. It is easy to implement Google Analytics in mobile solution. this way you gain lots of information about your users that may be used to deliver better experiences.



7. Making the app without purpose

Time of “the dog whistles” or “funny fart pillows” has passed. People search for solutions that solve their problems and help them in everyday routine. Think about your future users – will they enjoy your solutions? How it will help people in their life? If you cannot answer this question, consider your app idea again.


When you create good, successful solution it is equally important to know what to do and what not to do. World is full of the apps. Large amount of them has poor quality. It is your chance to create better application. If you will not make this 7 sins of beginners you increase the likelihood for the success.